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  • Nicola Wenz

A morning with Pierce Brosnan

He likes it shaken – not stirred. And no matter the gadget or fancy car he is given, for the former 007 agent - the world is not enough. His golden eye for art and acting had him fueled with passion and joy from an early age. Knowing that tomorrow never dies, Brosnan talks about the new upcoming sequel of the movie Mamma Mia! how he first came to America as a young curisou man and how time traveling is indeed possible…

Even when not in front of the camera, the Irish actor – Pierce Brosnan – manages to charm his way through conversation making every word sound like an excerpt straight from a Shakespearean playwright.

“I am currently sitting in the penthouse overlooking the city. It’s a blue, crisp, chilly day,” he says softly with a slight emphasis on the word crisp as he leans to position himself comfortably on a brown suede sofa wearing a light sweater and a vest.

Brosnan first came to America when he got called in to audition for a new television series. Not knowing whether he would get the job or not, Brosnan’s hard work and courageous attempt brought him more than he could ever imagine.

“I borrowed £2,000 from the bank manager. I told them I had a job, which was a lie. I hopped on Freddie Laker [airline.] He was a guy who ran very cheap air flights to Los Angeles. It was £50 to fly to L.A.! I came over, rented a car and I went on my first interview and basically in my first interview, I got the job.”

But this isn’t where the story begins…

“I came to America in 1982 when I was 26 because of ‘Remington Steele.’ I had played an American mini series about the Irish potato famine called ‘The Manions of America.’ When that show came on the air here in America, I decided to come to America. I think they thought I have some kind of talent so they offered me ‘Remington Steele’ and I said yes and that’s when I set sail.”

Brosnan says he always loved the arts. More specifically, his love for art expands from playing an instrument to painting to performing as an actor both on stage and in front of the camera.

“I can play the native American flute, classical flute, the ukulele, and a little bit of guitar. If not an actor, I probably would have been in the arts. I started as a commercial artist in a very tiny studio in south London. I had no interest in wanting to be an astronaut or fireman. I just wanted to be a painter and I wanted to be an actor.”

Choosing to specialize in acting instead, Brosnan says he was 18 years old when he first became an actor. “It was through an art center called the ‘Ovalhouse Theatre’ in south London.” Brosnan was classically trained classically in method acting at the drama center in London before performing Repertory Theater for three years at ‘Westend Productions.’

“Nothing comes from nothing. It’s all about hard work,” he says. When it comes to singing, however, Brosnan admits he was surprised when the director of Mamma Mia! first told him his character was required to sing.

“I enjoy singing! And playing in Mamma Mia! was one of the most memorable moments in life. Even though [singing] was the last thing I expected to do, it was hugely successful.”

According to Brosnan, his singing in the second Mamma Mia! movie (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) will not be as “involved as it was last time.”

He smirks and quickly adds, “I sing S.O.S but I do it a cappella and there are only a few verses of it so thank heavens they kept it down to a minimum.”

The movie will be released in the United States on Jul. 20, 2018 and according to Brosnan, this movie will have the same positive impact as the first one did.

“We shot this one in Croatia. It was more fun because we have become quite a family. It’s been 10 years since the last one. Everyone has gone on and done brilliant work. It’s just a joy to be back together with everyone.”

The Story Behind Bond

Brosnan says he never imagined he would ever become James Bond.

“It was the furthest thing from my imagination. I have been an actor all my life and playing James Bond was
never on the cards. However, during my days of
playing ‘Remington Steele’, it was hinted at that I would be good for the role. But again, I never considered myself in the running for such a part. It was when they cancelled the show [Remington Steele] that they offered me the role. I was very honored,” he says.

As an actor, Brosnan recommends being in good shape – especially when performing one’s own stunts.

“In James Bond I performed a lot of the stunts. The fight sequences I did - a lot of fire and a lot of driving… fast. You have to get in shape. You have to train. You have to have the stamina to go for six months every day and you have to have the mental and physical capacity to endure the shooting schedule.”

Next Chapter In Life

“Life is a dream,” Brosnan says.

Gliding his fingers through his newly bearded cheeks, Brosnan happily announces that his current role in the television series ‘The Son’ on AMC (American Movie Classics,) is receiving good reviews.

“Right now, the show is going very well. These are the beginning weeks between now and March so we have a lot of work to do. The writing is really good and the cast is excellent,” he says.

The show is set in 1915 and tells the story of America’s birth with a slight twist Brosnan says.

“I don’t wish to do anything else. I enjoy acting. I get to travel – it’s like time traveling! I sit here now, looking at the capitol of Austin, Texas playing a character in 1915."

"I think my mother was very pleased and has always been proud. My mother - she’s a remarkable woman at the age of 85. She’s still very strong,” he says smiling into the distance.

Looking out the window onto the Capitol, Brosnan without hesitation explains that a creative life is essential for his, “well being as a man – as somebody who deals with life daily. It all just had to be.”


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